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…Control K

Control K is…the sound of now, then and sometimes. Control K is…a mashed up mix of it all. Control K is…a thought on my mind. Control K is…a link to the rest of the world.

Intended as ‘electronic music for the heart and mind’ – something you can both listen or groove to and also think about – Control K is the electronica alter-ego of Brightonian Dom Pates. He takes a magpie approach to music, drawing on the shiny stuff from most genres and putting it all together to make something both eclectic and connected.

Not the most prolific of artists, Control K released a debut album online in 2005, and has drip-fed out the occasional remix and original track every now and again since then. Live performances are a little more common, having notched up mix sets at a handful of small clubs and festivals in the UK and Japan.

Dom also broadcasts a monthly radio series as The D1 Radio Hour, for, Brighton’s global and local Internet radio station – in operation since 2012.

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